Hey guys,

I'm thinking about trading away my Vintage VS6. Great guitar, never let me down but
I've fallen in love with Strats and it's not really suited for the tone I want to go for now.

It's absolutely stock, and it is in the same condition as when I bought it, except it has some old strings on it and it's dusty. Re-string and clean and you've got a guitar that is exactly the same as if you bought a new one.

It's a mahogany body and mahogany set-in neck. Really rich, warm tone to it. Perfect for all forms of Rock and even better for the blues. The pickups are really good and will sound great playing metal if you've got the amp for it.

A quick google tells me these things go for about £170 new and this isn't any worse off than a new model.

So, looking for any Strats or Tele's you might have, preferably with a maple neck and fretboard. However, you might be able to tempt me with a Les Paul as well.