Alright fellow UGers, here are 6 tracks (approx. 30mins) I demo'd today that I eventually plan on rerecording, fully fleshing out, and adding drums, vocals, and all sorts of other things. This has taken me quite some time to write and Im really proud of it. Please let me know what you think of these songs. Im really only looking for critique on the songs and writing, not the playing (there are mistakes, sorry) and not the recording quality because these are just acoustic demos of songs i intend to redo. and i apologize for the monotonous use of reverb haha

Also this is C4C! although I'm quite busy so if i don't get to yours/take a long ass time, my bad and thanks for listening.

soundcloud linky: http://soundcloud.com/westonhibben/sets/six-heartbeats-later-came-the/
Alright, I don't have time to do them all, so I'll do a few random ones

Ok, first: Deepen the Quarry: It has a nice sound to it, good flow. Nice build to it. I don't want to sound rude, this song is very good as is, but it might be a little better if you put bass or piano behind it. I think reverb fit well for this one. Nice build when the strumming came in, well done! Solid piece you've got here!

Castamere: I like your intros! your songs build on themselves quite well, the keep from being monotonous too. you do a good job of adding strumming into your music.

You should be very proud of what you've got here, its all quite solid music!

c4c: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=27857562#post27857562
Hey thanks for checking them out! Ya I will be redoing all of these with all sorts of different instruments and drums and synths and all kinds of different things so eventually they will sounds much fuller. Funny that you should post cause I had literally just finished listening to puzzle and was about to comment
First of all, and I don't want to sound like a dick, but I think the word you were looking for was Prelude, an interlude is something that comes between parts, a prelude is an introductory part, much like your first song.

Anyway, I like it all of them, there seems to be a nice flow in the songs, but it's kinda hard to actually get a full impression because they are just like the basic idea of the songs and as ideas they are great. It would be interesting to see what you can do with these ideas and how will you develop them into full fledged songs.

haha for sure man, thats actually just a working title. i forgot to mention that in the OP but the only titles im keeping for sure are "into the silver" and "deepen the quarry". Thanks for listening, ill do yours right quick
Thanks for the crit!

This is for Interlude.

The intro guitar's got a good tone, but the intro as a whole really dragged on. It get's much more interesting at 1:07, so try to get to the interesting part as quickly as possible

The reverb is good for the most part, but gets distracting at the strumming part at 2:44. I don't really like the single thing at 3:40.

Overall, it's a very nice sounding song. Definitely appropriate for an interlude or a prelude.

Hope this helps
Oo, I like Interlude so far. That reverb and echo sounds fantastic. It really gives it a fantastic sound. I don't know if I like the part where you're aggressively playing the chords.. It does sound good, but I don't know if it really goes with the rest of the track. I get that you're trying to vary it up a bit, but it's just a bit too much for my taste.

Into the Silver is very good. I'm loving the acoustic soloing you're doing. Absolutely great. I honestly feel like I'm listening to a movie soundtrack right now or something. haha.

Multitudes is also great. You should definitely consider some vocals.

But sadly, that's all I have time for right now. i've gotta run. But overall, it sounds great. Maybe tone back the reverb on some parts. Especially the parts where you play fast, but other than that it really sounds great on the slow bits.
Thanks for listening guys!

AeolianInvasion: The single thing you heard is just a transition into the next track.

Boogeyman: Thanks, Ill take that into consideration, and i do hope to put vocals on all or most of these
Interlude- you're making that acoustic sound so sexy. it's amazing. so freaking clean man and what you're playing is so goooood! around 1:50 oh my god what the hell dude that sounds killer. I can't stress enough how clean you are. By the way song names don't really matter when it's as good lol.

into the silver- at about 0:05, my shockwave flash plug-in fails. this sucks. Okay it's up again hah. I like :48, sound like a clock ticking just three times Alright you got good atmosphere, some scales, all played clean, and you got some depressing mood going on. I Like this. at 2:30, I start following you on soundcloud. good stuff. You really don't need any other instruments going along, that's what's real good about this. You build up your material without any VST's or MIDI or whatever. Perfect from beginning to end dude i love this

i'll listen to the rest later, on my ipod

crit mine? it's metal, but i don't know you might like it


What made you think of the names anyway?
hey man thanks so much for your words! I will definitley listen to yours but im headed out for the weekend so i wont be able to get to it til sunday or monday but thanks again!

edit: most of the names are just working titles but into the silver is about looking at a mirror at yourself and the song is supposed to represent that. Deepen the quarry just sounds tight imo and its also about becoming a deeper person, the song represents that as well.

edit 2: the title six heartbeats later came the thunder is actually a line from a book im currently reading called a dance with dragons (very good book btw) and i felt it represented how i feel about these songs, and of course theres 6 of them
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The interlude is too tranquil..
I would sped it up a little...

When I get more time, I will listen to the other parts.

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I really liked the playing in the interlude, beautiful tone and playing. It does run for a bit too long, and therefore gets a sort of tiring during the second half, but overall I liked it.

Into the Silver takes a while to get a good flow going, but it gets pretty good once it starts. I dig the reverb, I think it fits the overall mood of the piece. As someone else said, it has a very movie-soundtrack kinda feel to it, I like that.

Multitudes is a nice breath of fresh air, you have a really cool progression going on there. I really enjoyed the part at around 1:40. So far, this is the track I feel has the most potential overall of the 3 I listened to.

Overall, I'd think of using some other instruments to add a bit more texture and so that the songs don't feel as 'shallow', but composition-wise I really liked them.
Nice intro and you've got a really nice guitar sound. 2.20 to 2.40 could of been cut out. Some really good ideas in there. Could of shortened parts of the song then pieced them together. Nice overall feel to the song. Love the first 2 minutes. reminds me of Devin Townsend

Into the Silver
Would of been cool to start the song at 33 seconds. really love it when it kicked in at 1:00. A lot of emotion in this song. Cool chord progressions. Some slight bass in there to follow the notes would be cool and a rythm song to go over the guitar at 3:33

Follows the same trend as the previous tracks at the begining the quickly breaks out into a rythm which reminds me of Devil Sold His Soul. Very 'epic' sounding.
Cold chord progressions at 1:36. Very Misery Signals esq.

intro effects are very hard to hear. Could of been cut out.
A lot of the rythm sections seem suited more for an electric guitar but still, some very catchy parts. the guitar body hits sound cool at 3:30. goes out of time a bit at the end of that section, but fits perfectly

Like the background noises. You have got yourself a cool sound going on here. Again, very cool chord progressions. Very classical sounding instead of just using generic chords. Well thought out =]

The guitar sounds really nice at 2:13 to 3:00. Would be cool to fade out the last section

Overall its a cool EP (if it is an EP) some parts could of be cut out, shortened and the odd part can sound a bit 'samey' but I see what sound you're going for.
Would be cool to listen to late at night after a stressful day at work (which I've had =] ) and I would like to here what you do next.
Reviewing "JC" simply because it had the least amount of plays therefor I'll give it some attention.

Not alot for me to review so I'll keep it simple.

The track reminds me of the days of just listening to someone jam in the next room and just letting it fill your mind with melody. It does that very well

From a recording standpoint most people would say its too washed with reverb without other instruments in the mix but I like the artistic effect it has.

Good on yah
Thanks for listening everyone! Just a quick update: a friend of mine is going to be helping me to program drums to these soon, then soon after we'll be re- recording the guitar using my electric and effects and what not. Also I have decided upon the names of the tracks and they will be as follows:
1. Follow Me
2. Into the Silver
3. Raining on the Arch
4. Deepen the Quarry
5. Six Stone and Grey
6. You Will Never Get This Back

Also, in case anyone is interested, after the songs have been redone, a friend of mine (who is a very talented artist) will be painting scenes to go along with each song that I will then use to help me write lyrics for the songs.