Hi I was just wondering if this is normal because the thicker part of my thumb (the lower part connected to my hand) scrapes against the heavier strings when I play higher strings. This isn't a problem on heavier strings obviously as there is no strings above them for it to push against.

Do I need to angle my wrist in a way to keep my hand off the lower strings because I've tried this and I can't really pick at all from that angle.
Doesn't really matter as long as the strings aren't ringing out. The thumb can actually be pretty useful for muting the lower strings.
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Ya it's fine, in fact that puts your thumb in a position to be another piece of skin to prevent the lower strings from muting out. Lots of players do what you do (although intentionally)
It's a good thing, it keeps the lower strings from ringing as has already been said.

Don't correct it, you really don't want to. You really don't need to float your hand completely, I don't know where you got that idea from.
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OP : Keep it that way , as said earlier.
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Alright thanks guys I was just making sure. It does mute the strings which is good.