ok so i hope this is the right place i dont post alot but anyway

i have been playing for 4-5 years and im pretty good but i feel like i should be better than i am considering how long ive been playing. ive noticed my weakness is accuracy in solos and playing below the 12th fret especially below the 15th

i play a wide range of music like metal, classic rock, reggae, ska, rock, and a little punk
songs i can play: santeria, what i got, for whom the bell tolls, waking the demon, simple man, etc
if you could recommend some songs to learn thatd help me improve thatd be cool
thanks bros
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hey man,

you know how to play like a A minor pentatonic scale right? and any other pitch? B,C,D...

If i was you listen to a back track in a certain key, for example if the back track is in A minor then play a A minor pentatonic over it..

You can find back tracks on you tube, try new stuff, and new patterns withen the scale.

it takes practice , before u know it you will be rockin out and itll give u motivation to learn more scales like major and other ones..

and a tip, if you hear about modes, FORGET THEM for now. honestly i dont even use anything other then the major and minor then their pentatonics..

Good luck
Perhaps you just need to push yourself a littler farther in trying to learn a harder piece or learn something completely out of what you like to play just to add a little more depth to your repertoire.

"Sweet child of mine" and other GnR songs come to mind when talking about playing melodies and solos on the upper part of the fret board. They're not necessarily hard songs to play and are good for some fun soloing practice. Maybe try Mr. Brownstone or Rocket Queen, if things like SCoM and Welcome to the jungle you would consider too easy.

Rage Against the Machine - Know your Enemy (you'll learn how to do some control switch playing ) Also Take the Power back is another fun one.

Tackle Master of Puppets if you like Metallica, there's a couple of quick tremelo parts that are good practice for accuracy and the fast down stroking of of course.

Learn songs that are going to help your playing^ in some way, if you can't tremelo pick or gallop very well, learn an Iron Maiden song. Always have a point in learning something.
aight i think this is a little more of the answer i was lookin for and ive tried to learn a few of those songs before but i think your right i just need to push a little harder
thanks bro
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