HI anyone has ever use a rocktron pirahna direct through p.a ???

the unit has a speaker simulation like my voodu valove .. jsut wanted to know if its as good as the voodu valve .

thank you .

any review of the rocktron piranha would be great .

your thought ?? its label as a poor man mesa triaxis . some seem to even like it equally and even ebtter than their triaxis .

1. is it worth it for around 250 $ ??

2. does it sound good ?

3 . how much did they cost new back in the days ??

*** is it me or rocktron stuff isnt discuss a lot anymore .. seem like the modeling age ( line 6 etc.. ) has take over . maybe the company didnt advertise enough or plain lack at bringing new products . but their gear is selling for quite cheap nowadays .

i paid 200 for my voodu valve online .. its 749 $ new at musician friend .

might be older technology but they seem to get good review and their gear look very reliable . and because its older doesnt mean its crap . its not like computer .. doesnt really go Out of date . if it sounded good in 1995 .. theres no reason it doesnt in 2011 .

after trying .. vypyr , tonelab , vamp , pod x3 etc... im happy i went back to the 90's and found my voodu valve that beat off these modeling units ( unless its axe fx adn expensive gear ) . they do plenty of stuff but core tones is just not there .

im seriously going back to the previous generation for core tones
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