basically i was trying to make a metalcore version of E.T by katy perry and came up with this. it sounds kind of dramatic or suspenseful (or something). the rhythm isnt to complex, neither are the drums cause im not a drummer.

i added another synth to make things more interesting.
groovehard gp5.gp5
groovehard gp4.gp4
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I checked it out because you checked out mine! tbh, I'm not a fan of Katy Perry so I don't know the song. I'm also not a fan of that style. I assume it's as faithful to the original as it can be despite the complete style change though

Maybe this is just me, but the drums are listed as being in an Acoustic Piano track. That might need some looking into I guess.

I'd say overall it's nice, despite the repetitiveness. I find the last note on the 8-string to be humourously low :P
The drums are an acoutic piano because I made this in tuxguitar( I'm not a fan of gp) I have an updated version I will upload that has an arpeggio line. If you mute the guitar and drums you will see there isn't much change in the style of music that you posted compared to this.