So Chino has always used weird vocal effects since Around the Fur.
Im wondering what kind of mics or set-up he uses to get some of his underwater/space vocals AND if the same effect could be made live.
Anyone know?
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This is a major bumperoni, but I have new information to add to the thread. To get the Chino Moreno mic sound you can plug an SM58 into a Zoom G2 and turn on the Booster effect on Wah/EFX. (see manual). It sounds like distortion but the sound is more detailed than the distortion models on the pedal and the words will not be unintelligible when you use Booster. It's got a different character to it, kind of corrosive. Not sure how well that will work live in terms of getting unwanted feedback in the monitors, but it doesn't seem to be as bad as the feedback you get with the amp modeler on the G2. I've tried many things over the years to get a beefy vocal distortion and Booster seems to be the most musically evocative. It sounds exactly like an old cheap camcorder condenser sounded when you got right on top of it because of the high gain. Booster makes even breathing sound terrifying and if you back off a little bit, add a high pass filter and smash the vocal with compression, you can vocally "dial in" a less-distorted sound to make the effect more varied and subtle.

You can also try "rolling" the vocal by taking a phaser effect and increasing the speed.

To wit, there is only one microphone really designed for distorting and cupping, and that's the Audix Fireball. It was actually designed for beatboxing...

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