so i have an xaviere LP copy with guitar fetish pickups in it. it sounded great and the pickups were very quiet, suddenly they started to make an excess amount of noise not exactly feed back, its more of a buzzing sound. my question is what could cause the pick ups to become noisy all of a sudden?

my guess is the wiring and im currently in the process of re-soldering all of the wires trying to get it cleaner, but what else could cause this?

since i re-soldered the ground i havent switched cables so now im going to try that. i just checked the input jack and t seems fine. i dont think its the pot because it happened to both pick ups so i doubt its that unless at least two pots went bad at the same time.
so i switched cables and the noise went away. im guessing it was a poorly soldered ground wire.

thanks for all your help.