Hey all,

So I recently won an Epiphone Les Paul. It comes with Grovers, but should I replace them with Grover Locking tuners?

I just wanna mod up my epiphone to make it sound (well, as much as I can) like its gibson counterpart.....
As long as you change the strings properly, unless you want to make string changes a little quicker, then you should stay in tune fine with the normal grovers

Edit: No Gibson I know of comes with locking tuners and tuners don't change sound obviously
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My Gibson Standards have locking tuners. They are awesome. I say go for it. It won't really change the sound but it's a nice feature and will keep you in tune longer.
Locking tuners are really effective for a guitar with a tremolo. But they are pointless for a hard-tail. Some people like the faster string changes, but if you string it right, tuning stability isn't an issue, period. Since you already have good tuners, I say keep them and use your money for something else.
my gibson les paul traditional pro has locking tuners and they work great!! it also makes it really easier to change strings.
If you want your guitar to sound like a Gibson, better start with upgrading the pickups and electronics. You might be able to find a used set of pickups from a Gibson on eBay, you would save cash and be that much closer to an actual Les Paul.
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I have never been let down by Grover tuners. Locking ones will make changing strings easier but there is a whole world of people that will argue how much tone you lose by not having the string wrap around the post a few times. Just ask B.B. King.
Just to clarify....I'm not referring to locking in the "floyd royse" sense (where you need like a freakin' hex wrench to get them on/off)...I mean like the ones that come on THIS guitar...