i have a yamaha sj-200 (or something along those lines). it was my dads wen he was in college (early 80's) and thought he'd try guitar and that lasted him all of a couple months and maybe 2 chords...

so my question is A. about how much could i get out of this guitar if i were to sell it and B. what would be a good replacement for it? i'm looking for an acoustic electric with a relatively low action, the action on my current one is just ridiculously high (granted i've never had it properly set-up). I'm looking for something with a really great tone both unplugged and amped up.

this may sound strange and difficult to describe but i want an acoustic that sounds "rings". i honestly don't know how to describe it but mine has always sounded thin and different than any song i've listened to.

I'm looking probably not much more than $500 usd