(a game of exquisite corpse, authored blindly by Carmel and myself. written line by line from barstools somewhere in Alaska. Rules: six syllables per line, finish the page.)

pop, pop, the music drops
matches a candy jar.
looks mismatching faces
heartfelt whipped Alaskan
Black and Amber, better.
perverted monkey toy
four nineteen for two shots.
bruised the poet's pride.
eyes running scared from eyes.
store clerk starved til Sunday.

Let the time be done now.
inconvenient corpses
when there's lack of quiet
facebook is the devil.

Pace, yourself and others.
wrong girl, wrong memory.
and the sounds will forget
a minute before smoke
regret then co-exists.

good beer, like true love, makes _____

give matches to the crowd.
recycled borrowed glasses
burn hard, tennessee flame.

a good picture of you
intoxicates masses,
found the salesman's joke benign.

introducing: the end.
Wow this is really great, I really have nothing to add at all. It seemed a bit cynical, but that's just me.

Terrific job
Quote by Winter Sky

However, not all of the lines are six syllables.

yeah, the more beers one drinks, the less the rules seem to matter. we did get to the end of the page, though.
i liked this piece, sure, but i did not think it deserved wotw. there were great pieces this week and i wish one of them had been spotlighted instead of this. but regardless, congratulations.

so did this go down in person in alaska? either way it's great to see you guys doing stuff like this instead of closing yourselves off to write.
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Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me