i just got my first "real guitar" (2009 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro) its a BEAUTIFUL looking guitar.....one problem...the stock bridge pickup (burstbucker III zebra colored) has a very thin bitey sound...and this guitar has coil splitting and if i change my bridge pickup to something like a 57 classic will i still be able to coil split? and has anyone else noticed this problem with the stock pickups? i want a warm thick sound...thanks.
yeah if it has four wires coming out of it you could wire it like the current pup tou have in there now
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i just searched and i found this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/gibson-57-classic-4-conductor-humbucker-pickup/h65442000000000 is this the same thing as the 57 classics but with 4 wires????? and is this a bridge pickup??? (sorry everyone im really new with this stuff)

it should be the same the only different is that four cables

and i dont know if its a bridge pick up i didnt know the 57 has designated bridge/neck pick up models so i coulnt say
thanks guys. helped alot. i thought coil splitting was just for this guitar...guess i was wrong haha