...and help me out.

Photoshop either of these in any somewhat funny way for this guys birthday. Hopefully we can get at least one or two good ones, it'd be beyond helpful.

Best shoop gets a spot in my signature, where you can add whatever you'd like.



I KNOW THE POTENTIAL SUCKS. I don't have much choice here.
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These don't have a hell of a lot of potential for shooping...

Got any others?

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Doesn't have many up, I'll look for some more...

EDIT: ^That's godly. I think I was a lurker the time that came up...still, if someone can shop him for something similar to that, I'd love them in a totally homosexual manner.

Found his 8th grade Yearbook picture...

That's kinda all I got. Sorry for the lame amount of potential pics.
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What's so special about bein in ur sig?
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Someone should do a throwback to this thread:

and do something with pineapples and forests.

You young'ns wouldn't understand.

omg YES!.... is that saved on your computer?
I'm impressed with some of these, actually.

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That will definitely be sent, along with the glitter one.

EDIT: The real question now is, how the hell did 'wahappen' get in my sig
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Class work there, Wahappen.
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Don't die on me, thread!

Flawless victory !!!
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