Ok, so I've been playing guitar for three years now, and i realized that, i suck, i can't seem to get the hang of scales. And i seem to be getting worse.
Anyone wanna Give me some advice?
Learn the A minor pentatonic scale

Practice going up and down , in the first position ( which is useally what u see when u first learn it )

After u know the pattern, instead of playing it up and down, try playing it different ways, you can find some videos on you tube, just type in Minor pentatonic scale tips..

Good luck bro, and never give up
well instead of just playing them up and down ( you know the way you first start learning to play the scale ) Try starting in the middle of the scale and play around there. And remember i know your prob used to playing the whole scale out of practice, but play single notes and listen, then jump to another note in the scale and play around with it.
Yes , nice chart man,

Learn number chart number 2*

Thats the pattern ur gonna be using alot for the next couple months
Now get your guitar and get a A minor backing track on you tube, and play that pattern! Dont be afraid to try new things, but try to stay in the pattern for now!
Don't just "play the pattern", and don't approach it as such. This isn't a physical exercise, this is about learning to make music - the most important thing to do is listen.

Listen to your backing, listen to what you're playing, listen to how the two work together. That pattern is a means to an end, it's not the end itself - it helps you learn where the notes of that scale are, that's all. The notes and intervals in that scale have a particular sound, and by knowing what those sounds are you can figure out what you want to do with them.

So yes, if you locate any scale on the guitar it's going to form a pattern, it's a quirk of how the guitar is constructed. But you're not "playing a pattern", you're playing with the sounds it contains...if you're not listening you're not really playing.
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