This outlet's gettin annoying haha.
Which ones are the best to power mine? I have a Vox Time Machine, Satchurator, Digi Whammy, V847 Wah, Fuzz Factory, and I plan on gettin a loop station and/or Fender Phaser. Maybe a reverb, haven't decided. I already know the Whammy's a picky thing and needs it's own outlet. Just curious about what everyone else is usin.
I use 3 different ones, and all work well. Visual Sound 1 Spot, Boss PSA120, and Dunlop DC Brick. The Dunlop is the most versatile cuz it has both 9v. and 18v.DC. The 1 Spot is the cheapest.
I have a powered SKB pedalboard. http://www.skbcases.com/music/products/proddetail.php?f=&id=32&o=&offset=1&c=85&s=75 kinda expensive, but worth it.

Other things you can do is get a 1-spot power adapter and daisy chain your effects together, but to do that you need a pedal that has two power inputs to leach power off the others. Also, you can get a dunlop power brick and power them all that way


or a voodoo pedal power 2 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/voodoo-lab-pedal-power-2-power-supply/153509000000000
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just like stonyman65 i have the SKB board. if you are a serious musician this is a must.

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VoodooLabs Pedal Power 2+

Don't get the Dunlop DC Brick or a 1Spot. Neither have isolated outputs so you can run into ground loops and introduce hum into your signal.

And some pedals don't place nicely together with daisy chain power.
not to mention that the DC brick, is a more expensive daisy chain in a box.

the other option you have TS is the Modtone Powerplant, or BBE Supa Charger. both similar to the PP2+ but have some feature differences you might prefer.. one being they are cheaper
I vote the voodoo labs pp2+ if you have the cash..
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