I just came home from a week-long trip, and I received a pair of pickups I ordered. Naturally, I installed them; I am now facing a problem and it's starting to give me a migraine.

The bridge pickup works, but the neck pickup doesn't. My middle position is all right, the neck position is dead. When I fiddle with it, I can sometimes end up getting a signla in bridge and neck, but not in middle anymore.
I am getting very pissed off and I 'm about to go to a guitar store nearby and get them to redo the whole circuitry inside.
The guitar is a Gibson SG, and I'm getting sick of playing in it. Any suggestions before I give up and bring it in?
I would just start from the beginning and redo it all. If that doesn't work it sounds like you have a bad switch maybe from your description.
All right, so I bought a multimeter, the pickup's at 8.5k more or less, so it should make sound. However, it's a case of whisper vs shout. The bridge pickup screams, the neck pickup breathes.

Now, I tried taking the wires of the neck pup and putting em on a 1/4 jack, and I don't get any more volume than when it's soldered. I don't see what could've gone wrong... I tried connecting my old neck pup and it made just as much sound as the bridge pup. My guess is that it comes from the pup, then... anyone wanting to say I'm wrong? please do so
Sounds like you may have gotten a faulty pickup, if you have the patience try installing it in the bridge position and see if it works.
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