Okay, so before I decide to set fire to everything I own I thought I would jump on here and ask a few of you about getting power supplies to work in other countries.

I'm in Australia, and I've bought myself a digitech jamman delay pedal.
When it arrived, I couldn't use it, obviously, with a little research I went down to my local electronics store to purchase a STEP DOWN transformer. Now this thing says it will do 230/240 volts AC down to 115v AC. 65watts.

Great, perfect, so I get it home. And it doesn't work.
The jamman power adapter is:

input: 120v~60hz 18w
output 1: 9v ~ 1.3a
output 2: 3v ~ 0.1a

What am I doing wrong? Is my power supply stuffed?
I know there is a 50hz-60hz difference but I know that's just a timing thing and shouldn't make too much difference. It should at least turn on right? I mean the transformer doesn't even get warm?
I've tried ordering an AU PSU for the jamman but they told me I can get them separately.

Getting this thing imported ended up being 3 times cheaper, but I'm beginning to think it wasn't worth it.
@EC i wasn't sure, but i did know it ran on AC. checked the power supply from the manual, typed that into ebay, and this one popped up as an equivalent. it has the jamman listed in the list of pedals it can power.
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I looked for quite a while on ebay for a replacement when I began looking to purchase a jamman from the states. Nothing showed up back then, or I wasn't looking properly.

So I decided to just wing it.

I've learnt my lesson.
just get a new adapter rated for australia's voltage it should solve the problem
btw i couldnt open the ebay link,whats in that link
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