So Im thinking of getting a analog recording mixer of some sort, most likely an allen and heath zed36 (or something like that?) with usb output for full integration with recording software.

Now in my experience, alot of vst's sound like pure overly digital shit. So I tried to find another simple solution before i can afford to get each effect for every channel. And I stumbled upon multi effects processors, ive used these before but only for guitar and am wondering how they work basically. To me, it seems like the point of making such a unit would be so that you can have all of your effects for every channel at a much lower cost than before, but can't seem to figure out how to hook one up to function this way with the IO's given on the unit.

So if anyone could give me any pointers, what I'm hoping to do is simply integrate it with my computer and recording software so that I can use it the same way I use my plugins, except do my tweaking on the unit instead of on the computer (that last part doesnt really matter though), this would be very helpful and I think the best solution to my problem since I need a big mixer with alot of channels, and dont feel like spending a ridiculous amount of money to get the effects I need for every single channel.


P.S: My price range for an effects processor is about 1500-2500$, so if you have any recommendations for a specific processor with this setup im open to suggestions.
So you don't like the digital sound so you're wanting to get a digital multi effects processor? I'm confused.

How about investing that money in some GOOD plugins which can be used on as many tracks and as many times as you want?
Effects processors have proven in my experience (with guitar systems) to sound much better than vst, and Ive seen some with effects loop so i can run a grant fidelity tube processor and turn it into a best of both worlds style processor, an option that is NOT available with vst.
If you have any vst's you could suggest for me to check out Id still be willing to give it a look.