Not bad. You did a good job of making sure the different riffs worked well together, instead of just throwing a bunch of crap in a blender like a bunch of prog metal bands do these days.

I do think you could develop some of those riffs a bit more than you did, though. But, for a rough recording of something that probably isn't finished, it's a solid place to start.
Reminds me of stuff our ex-bassist liked to play. The riffs and melodies sound awesome, and as everybody mentioned earlier it all fits together. Some progressive bands forget, that a groove is very importnant, and I'm glad that groove is present in your song
Good job mate, good stuff.

Crit mine?
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Awesome post, dude.

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sweet tone for recording with a rockband mic!O.o what kind of amp do you use?
nice licks inbetween. sounds a lot like opeth from 1:09 onward

drums sound really cheap still bass drum doesn't have any punch.
also, (warning! personal opinion) i often find that fade-outs are used badly. Not so much with your song, but i think you can let the last riff end abruptly and seemingly in the middle of it, like an "open end".
good job anyways!

would you mind giving some feedback on mine?
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