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I really feel like I'm being outdone by every other UG'er here, but I figured I might as well post this. It's my first real song. And even though the riffs are incredibly... and I mean incredibly easy, that was done intentionally because I was trying to fit them around the drums that I had already programmed. Bass (if you can even hear it) is just me playing the bass parts on a regular guitar and then editing it down an octave.

Guitars used was just a Jackson Kelly plugged into a Line 6 Spider III (I know... I know.) which then the line-out was plugged into my computer's microphone input. So, straight sound, no editing besides turning the volume up a bit. This is more of a test than anything, honestly. No leads (yet) and pretty crappy riffs. Anyway, I guess I should link you guys now.

I know that's just the profile link, but I only have one song up right now so all you have to do is click play.
Or if you want, you can go to the youtube link.
I actually thinks its pretty good, actually quite good. Even if you have 'easy riffs' they still sound good with the style that you recorded in. It could be a little better if you use a real bass, but i'm not complaining it sounds good. Your song has a pretty good flow to it. It would be really good with vocals and a solo would spice it up pretty well. Good job though, very good, solid song!
c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=27857562#post27857562
What did you use to program the drums? just curious. Your playing is pretty tight with them, good job. The tone is a bit too muddy for me in parts (prob the spider) and the riffing can be a bit repetitive but its pretty solid. enjoyable listen my friend. c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=27857749#post27857749
Thanks for the nice replies everyone! I haven't been near internet since I posted this so sorry I couldn't reply sooner.

To pagosapig, thank you very much! I'm actually going to work on adding in some leads in it so it's not so repetitive and to add a bit of flavor. I'm definitely no singer, however. I have a Shure microphone, but I use it for acoustic. My vocals would just ruin this track.

To LastBaron, I used toontrack's ezdrummer actually. My first time using it and it was very easy to use. Yeah, I have to use the Insane channel on my amp to get the metal-ish sound. Which is kinda silly considering there's a Metal channel. But using Insane gives you an extremely distorted sound, even with the drive at noon like this was. Thanks for your kind words.

To Spencer_Rock825, thank you very much. I used that intro solo for the drums so I'd have good timing for when to start playing my guitar parts. Haha. Like I said in response to the other commenter though, I'm no vocalist. I absolutely agree that it does need some vocals, but that's not my domain. A solo would be nice but I'm more of a rhythm player so writing a solo would be difficult for me. I could do it, but in a way I'm afraid I'd end up ruining it. haha.

And did I mention to you guys that this was all in a days work, literally? I programmed the drums, wrote riffs to the drums, recorded guitars, then wrote bass to the guitar parts and recorded the "bass". I'm proud I got all that done in just about a 6 or so hours.
I would put the drums higher up in the mix, the intro repeats a little too much I think. There should also be some other instrument guitar. The drums sound pretty nice. Not a fan of the snare really, I would get Superior Drummer, it's what I use. It's great. Good guitar tone, pretty bassy. I'm really not into metal so I won't say anything about the song writing really, I think it changes a little too frantictly but thats how I feel about most metal. I like it when things build up. I would add more layers, it makes it sound more interesting. Good work, thanks for the crit
thanks for the crit!

The drums definitely need to be louder, and the guitar tone is too bassy. I know it sounds fuller like this on its own, but if you were to add a bass guitar track to this recording, the guitar tone would muddy it up. I would suggest recording the bass parts on the guitar with a clean tone, then pitch them down, just to have at least some kind of tone rumbling down in the lower frequencies.

otherwise, very interesting riffs, played really well, and they progress nicely. Well done!
Sounds pretty decent actually. The guitars are nice and thick sounding, I think perhaps they're just a tad too loud, or they might have too much low-mids in them. I feel like the track would really benefit if the Kick and snare were fattened up a bit. Maybe a little reverb on the snare? Either way, good job.
i think you need to add more treble on the guitar tone and up the volume on the drums and maybe consider using a guitar to bass simulator? just use a pitch shifter to one octave below and you're set. i love the riffs though, very creative and played nicely.

if you could give me some crit, that'd be nice

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You play really tight, very good. I'm liking 2:00 that's def a good part alone. Like people said the intro is repetitive. I like first hearing it but then I stop caring for it. Anyways it's a good song overall and nothings wrong with your playing. I can understand the muddy sound, I sold my Line 6 because I could almost never get a decent tone.

I think my main problem is my mixing. I'm really uncertain how to mix audio so that every instrument has the same volume while keeping the end result loud. I should probably google some tutorials on how to mix in FL Studio or something. I realize my tone is too bass-y, but I was playing in Drop C since I figured it was appropriate for the track. I had the Drive at noon, the Bass at about 1 o'clock, the Mids at about 3 o'clock, and the Treble cranked all the way up. A lot of the bass kinda sound comes from my guitar and I guess I just need to fine tune it to get my sound to be more band-suited.

Some people keep commenting on me not having any bass, but I really do. I have a very simplistic bass riff throughout the entire song, with the exception of the breakdown. While I'm saying bass, I recorded a clean guitar sound playing the notes and then edited it down an octave. I guess the sound of the guitar kinda drowns out the sound of the bass. I guess I should turn up the drums more in the mix, since that seems to be something most people have criticized.

Oh, and keep in mind this is not a finalized track. I was just excited to use ezdrummer and finished all the guitars, drums and bass tracks in one day. I'm working on a new track now and I'll have it up within the next week or so. I'm going to put more time and add some leads to the new track.

Anyway, thanks everyone for the criticism! I'll reply to your threads right now.
I pretty much liked it.
I commented on the video, but, are you using a MT-2?

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I logged into youtube before I came here so I saw your comment on there first. I'm not using an MT-2, the only effects are coming straight from my Spider III 15W amp on the Insane channel. Bass around 6, Mids around 8 and Treble around 9.5. Not the best tone in the world, I'll admit, but I like it.
Hey man. Since you did some crit on my song, here's some for yours!

Your tone is a bit too bassy. Roll down the bass a bit and it'll sound better. Also, the drums are wayy too low down there. The kick drum should blend with your guitar.

As for writing, the song is all pretty simple but the riffs sound pretty good. I'd say you should add a few harmonies or another instrument perhaps to kind of excite the sound.