Just got a new Peavey Valveking 112 Im looking to replace the speaker and do a little modding. The speaker is stock so Im just looking for recommendations on that. I have zero knowledge of speakers though so I need a little education in that regard. Im thinking JJ 6L6 for the tubes... But Im also looking to do the "JCM" mod and R100 mod on it. If anyone can tell me anything about those mods I would appreciate it. Thanks
New tubes can't hurt... But the rest I would hold off on. Spend more time with the amp so you know what you want to change.
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JJ 6L6 and TungSol 12AX7 seem to be the most popular tubes.
Getting a Warehouse Veteran 30 or a Celestion Vintage 30 is also what most people do in the Valveking thread.

They have a wiki, too.
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