so i am thinking of getting a new guitar. i currently have a les paul 100 i like to play metal , hard rock and tharsh that kind of stuff. so what guitar will you recomend me i was thinking of a schecter damien elite fr. my budget is from 500$ to 700 maybe
i would like to buy it online from musicians friend. i would like it to be a guitar with 24 fretz jumbo like the damien floyd rose bridge and preferly not in a les paul shape. thanx
I'm not too experienced in metal. But I have a good friend who plays metal music locally in a band and he uses ESP guitars.
If you're on a budget and want a Schecter, why not try the Omen Extreme 6 with Floyd Rose? They're roughly $649 (£350), and they sound and feel amazing, and if you don't like the pickups, you could always switch them out for something more suitable to your guitar style, whether it be metal, punk, or blues rock


Hope that helps
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Get a fender squier strat-o-caster. They are good guitars and are good for all genres!
I would go with Schecter from personal experience as I have not played a ESP or LTD before. Are you set on going through musiciansfriend.com because there is ZZsounds.com were they have a play as you pay program you could try an do. What that is is were you have 4 payment's to make and you get the guitar on the first payment but they dont take the money until you get your guitar then you just make your last 3 payment's on the same date for the next three month's.
Don't listen to CWindow93. The Omens are much cheaper than $649. If you want a Schecter, get a used Hellraiser FR.

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ok thanks for the advices guys. i think i will go with the damien, hellraiser is somwhat more expensive unless i go with hellraiser special wich seems to be almost the same