I got the Dunlop MC-404 wah back at the beginning of March, and after a few months it started to make a weird high pitch humming sound when I had the pots adjusted a certain way, so I thought it was broken and sent it to SweetWater where I bought it from, they told me it was defective and would send me a new one. and with the new one I am getting the same annoying sound with it. So I called sweetwater and the guy didn't know anything about the pedal so he said he would call dunlop and try to find a solution and here's what I got in a email, "There are usually two things that cause the wah pedal to squeal. First is if the cables are plugged in backwards. Second if the q is set too narrow and the gain is too high the pedal can feedback. " the first one I thought wtf the cables plugged in backwards? and the second one I'm not to sure what they mean. so anyone know what I can do? this is getting really frustrating so I'm thinking about asking sweetwater to let me switch it for something else but everywhere I look people say this is the best wah.
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Basically, by setting the Q too narrow and boosting gain you're getting feedback on a certain frequency; and it sounds awful.

When you say "when I had the pots adjusted a certain way" what do you mean? There are internal pots for gain and Q. Q adjusts the width of the frequency band effected. Are you playing with these? Basically, experiment with them until you get the sound you want. Can you get a good sound from it?
Not all combinations of settings will be pleasant - you can say the same for any piece of gear.

Regarding using the cables backwards - with most wahs, if you plug the guitar into the output of the pedal and the input to the amp, you get squeal.
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