hey guys, so i currently own a yamaha sj-200 (or something like that) from the early 80's. first question is what is this guitar valued at?

second question is for a new acoustic. I'm looking for something about $500, acoustic electric with a relatively low action and preferably a cut away. I'm a huge fan of the way ovations look. i'd like something that has a very full, rich sound to it but isn't a huge bodied guitar
I've been through it but the question that i'm asking is more along the lines of people's first hand accounts of things that they've liked or didn't like about certain guitars. for example, i've heard that some ovations sound very thin but feel great for those of us that play mostly electric. by putting up this thread I'm looking for some suggestions to try out next time i go to a guitar shop or find something online.
but what we like and what you like wouldn't be the same. a medium bowl ovation will give you full rich sound, although my husband's 1778 elite t is boomy with the wrong strings. that means it's harder to record or mic, and isn't always great for leads.

personally i like this one for your preferences and budget.
better, as it has good low end but no boominess. it's a good sounding guitar, rich martin-like tone.

btw, you can get the action lowered on literally any guitar to be as low as you like.
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