i recently came upon an old harmony archtop h-1214 in fairly good condition but missing a pickguard.

and an old epiphone x-1000 pearl with the black binding, however it has jackson fin inlays instead of the chevron v inlays?

i have looked all over the interwebs but i can find any consistent pricing for these guitars. can someone give me a good ballpark estimate on them?

i appreciate the help.
The Harmony's worth around $100-200. The cheapest I've seen one was $80 in pretty rough shape, the most expensive I've seen was in perfect shape, freshly strung, set up, and with a Bare Knuckle PG Blues installed in the neck position, for $350. Played that one through an old Fender Deluxe and it was amazing. But most of the time, yeah, $100-200.

Can't say for the Epi--never heard of such a guitar before.
Money beats soul every time.

Money beats soul...every time.

Money...beats soul...every...goddamn...time.