Walking through the ice cold night
No sound as branches gloom through town
A sudden thought took me back to your long black hair
It all become so clear

And it was here I remember
You were never easy so I'd want you more
Stumbling to the fence awkwardly
Knowing you're not here

Light shone through the dining window
Now just an empty house with an empty room
Full of beer and candy
I slumped near your bedroom door

Sitting at the house you once lived
Wind blowing trees awkwardly
Like the first time we kissed
Or the last time you called me
Sitting drinking what made me honest
And what made you glow

You moved on, so sweet and logical
The first time you left was unthinkable
You always made it easy
Which just made me want you more

Talking of the mysteries of life
We'd get lost for hours
The questions still looming on my mind
Knowing the answer was around the corner
I'll never find

Sober thoughts start to fill my mind
It's not really love and it won't work this time
So just make it ****ing easy
Let go