I know there are tons of help me with guitar threads out there, but right as I was about to order an Ibanez RG 3550 MZ, I noticed that every store has them out of stock and is giving me a strong feeling it's been discontinued or something so I'm trying to find an alternative.

Just a guitar (going to be used for neoclassical shred) that comes in the color white, has a maple or ebony fretboard and has an HSH or HH pickup configuration +24 frets (and absolutely no to non-shaved bolt on necks like Stratocasters, I can't stand them because I'm picky as hell.). I will end up spending around 1500-2000 US dollars.

I'm looking at a Jackson SL2H in Snow White, but I've never dug their gigantic sharktooth inlays and awkwardly slanted headstock (plus I've heard lots about their quality dropping after fender bought them out). I'd appreciate any help at all. Thanks.