Get the DX model.
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Well they both have fingerboards made out of synthetic wood which is basically black plastic, so as long as you don't mind that I'd go with the 000.

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i'd personally have the DX model
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The DX will have a bigger body and maybe a bit more bassy sound to it. The 000 will be a bit lighter though not super bright, if you are playing it through an amp you could probably get the same sound out of both with a bit of tweaking...

Personal choice would be the DX.
DX gets my vote too.
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Go to an actual music store and play both guitars and then buy the one you like the best.
i wouldn't get either. i don't care for HPL (martin's high pressure laminate), which isn't really laminated wood so much as particle board. i'd probably buy an all solid guitar, then add electronics later. failing that, i'd spend time in music stores till i found a guitar i liked the tone and feel of best.
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