okay. i know the chords but i don't know how to make them with a capo on the second fret. someone please help!!

this is the song


and i added the guy on facebook and he said that these were the chords.

i play it capo 2, and the verse chords are

em d c c
em d c c
em d c c
em d c c

d d g c
d d g c
d d c c
c c

g d em c
g d c c
g d em c
g d c

sadly i wasn't able to make them sound like in the video. if someone would tab out
the chords that would be incredible. and just show me the chords tabbed out..not the strumming or which strings to strum i just need the chords! thanks!

It worked for me .... I think what the problem is you have the chorus and verse chords mixed up..... he starts out playing the chorus chords (which to me are the verse chords)and then goes into what you have labeled as the verse chords (which to me are the chorus chords)...... When I played it using your Chorus chords in the beginning it worked for me..... So I think the main thing is you have those labeled wrong because the song works with the capo on the 2nd fret and the chords you have indicated.....

Also I believe he is playing the Em chord as a variation from the normal way you see an Em chord played.... There are different ways of playing familiar chords and sometimes they look wierd when watching someone play but in reality are really a chord you would easily recognize if you saw it played in standard form....

so the song is definitely played with a capo at the 2nd fret and using the chords you have listed....
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can you tab out how the chord variations are for the chords! I would really appreciate that!