I have an Agile 8 string with a 30" neck that needs new strings, but I've found several other forums and reviews on strings that say some stings may be too short for the neck. Has anyone had this problem before? My plan was to get a set of Ernie Ball 7 String Power Slinkys and add a 74 to the bottom, but now I'm a bit paranoid. Any advice?
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Ernie Ball just came out with an 8 string set actually, or at least they're planning too. You'd probably have to order them online. I think you'll be fine though, if you think about how much string you normally have left on a 25.5 or 24.75 scale guitar.

Checked Guitar Center and saw a review that said not to use them with a 30" neck. Which is why I'm doubtful about using a 7 string set.

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D'addario started making 8 string packs that fit up to 32"

I know, I just can't find them anywhere =/