hey guys, so im in search of a new acoustic and my price cap is around 2,800USD (2,000 euros). This is awesome and all, but I am having the hardest time figuring out which guitar to get. I've found dozens of acoustics but I can't seem to settle for any and since they're so expensive, I dont want to blindly purchase something.

Bottom line is, I live in Romania, and there are not any guitar dealerships that offer many high-end acoustics, so I cant just walk in and try out all the models I am interested in. Because of this, I'd like to hear some of your recommendations for high-end acoustic models (preferably a Martin, Taylor, Gibson or Guild since I can't get obscure brands over here)

so here are some of the models I have found thus far, feedback is much appreciated as well as any other guitars that are worth mentioning:

Gibson Dove AC
Guild D55 NA
Gibson Songwriter Deluxe
Martin Guitars DC15E
Martin Guitars 000-15
Gibson Hummingbird
Gibson J-200 Studio AN

what kind of tone you do like? martins tend to have a more open tone, gibsons have a hint of compression in their tone - but that doesn't apply to ALL martins or ALL gibsons, either. i love the gibson j45 as it has a hint of compression in the mids and more growl in the lower ranges, and i am surprised to see both a 000, jumbo and dread on the same list since they deliver different tone.

btw, do you prefer a 1 11/16" nut or something a bit wider?
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I've never been a big fan of Gibby acoustics, but that's just me.

I would take the Martin DC or the Guild if those were my only choices.

What kind of sound are you looking for? Each "brand" has a very distinct "trademark" type of sound - Martin's are generally "bassy" where Taylor's are "bright" - very general here, but you don't have the stores to go to.

Let us know what sound you like and I'm certain you can get a ton of decent suggestions.
If you are going to drop that kind of cash on a guitar, you had better play as many as you can and only buy the one you LOVE.. not like.. LOVE!!! Buyer's remorse is not an option.
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I quite like the tone of Gibson acoustics, especially the jumbo models, but my issue with those is simply their size. However, I briefly had a chance to play a Guild D55 and loved that as well. I'm lost with Martin's since I played a great model in a recording studio a long ways back but dont remember the name. I have realized that many people dont like the Gibson acoustics as much as Martins or Taylors. Im looking for something that would suit country western sounds but also work with just about any other genre of music that isn't very heavy. I want something that works with strumming and finger picking, after all this is quite the investment, and I dont want a guitar thats too one-sided in any way.

Ignore the guitars I suggested thus far if you like and just tell my what you guys think would fit my criteria. I'm not too keen on a Taylor, and I'm stuck between the bassy Martin tone, the compressed (as Patticake said) Gibson tone and the Guild tone.
if you're looking for bass plus a nice top end and slightly scooped mids, and you like the "gibson sound", i definitely recommend the j45. yes, there are several models and their standard model sounds great to me. the true vintage model, with an adirondack top, has more presence and depth, and a hint of complexity in the trebles while the standard model has a strong fundamental. and unlike those who don't care for gibsons, i've never played one i didn't like. it also feels smaller to me than a hummingbird - not sure if it actually IS smaller, or perhaps a little less deep, but it was more comfortable.

if you like the guild D55, i don't see how you can go wrong here. guild makes nice guitars. my only concern here is that if the gibson jumbo felt big to you, are you sure you can play a dread for an extended period of time? both i and my husband played dreads for years, but over time they seem to have caused some shoulder issues.

eastman makes some very nice guitars with a hint of a compressed sound as well. i've played a lot of them, and except for the entry level korean models, have been impressed with their tone, finish, build quality. they stack up to much more expensive guitars well - the first ones i played blew me away because i couldn't believe they were so much less than $2000.
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thanks for the tips and insight Patticake. Ill definitely consider the J45.
Do you think you could tell me what you think about the Gibson Dove, Songwriter and the Hummingbird and how the hold up to the J45?

About the comfort of playing a dread, I'm honestly not too sure about this. Is there something smaller or more comfortable you could recommend? I'm quite sure I could handle a dread, not so sure about a Jumbo. The acoustic I currently own is a far smaller model.

Oh, one last thing. I absolutely love Maple necks/body's, any advice on that?
to me, the dove and songwriter have less bass than the j45 and more mids. i've spent less time with the hummingbird because it was always big for me, but i preferred the j45 tone to any of the others except the j200, which i found more comfortable than the hummingbird - it's larger, but the side curves down, so depending on how you hold it, there can be less lower bout size to reach around. and honestly i feel that the j45 is a little more versatile, although the j200's i've played are wonderful.

maple tends to cost more, and unless the manufacturer knows what they're doing, tends to mean a brighter guitar. it's often used on really bassy jumbos to control the boom so it doesn't become muddy. my only personal preferences are tonal and comfort, so i prefer whatever neck/woods sound great on a guitar. i definitely do prefer the maple back and sides j200, btw. the rosewood is nice, but the maple is nicer as maple jumbos go, i also like the eastman AC630.
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good to know, I actually would have thought that the Hummingbird is smaller.

so if you could recommend me 1 guitar from each of the following manufacturers, which would you advise that fit my criteria?