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I dont give two flaming F***s which one I choose!
1 20%
Voters: 5.
I'm just curious about the difference between both amp types. I know that tubes have nice screams, and need to be warmed up before use.. but thats all i know? And i've been playing the guitar for nearly 7 years!
So overall, which has the best sound? is one better at something than the other? or are people trying to be as vintage as possible
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Def tube...but yeah you could google this in about five seconds and have enough information to read for hours....basically tube amps sound better the louder you play them and solid state amps sound worse the louder you play them, but tube amps need maintenance much more often...not that they breakdown alot or anything but because tubes only last so long. Almost everyone in a band setting uses tubes only.
done to death. but,

pro's for ss = better at low volumes (cause consistent quality)

tube amps = better sound when at high volumes, because the tubes are being driven.

so, if you are bedroom practicing, get a low watt tube amp, or a ss amp.

gigging, get a tube amp.