I've pitched my powerpop band and my punk band on here before, so maybe I'll share my acoustic stuff:


I know, most of the time acoustic originals on youtube are kind of boring, and I know I'm no exception. I've just been going through some shitty times as of late, and what better way to deal then to bitch to the world with a guitar and a poorly tuned voice (well aware I can't sing. I'm one of those guys who pretentiously decides his "emotions" overrule any need to sing properly).

A few of the songs only play in the left ear (long boring story), so watch out for those. I'd recommend starting with "The only thing that mattered was you" and if you like that parouse the others. If you don't, totally fine. I just like to share.

I went here to find your Lady Macbeth stuff to link to my friends, and I found this other stuff which I'm now listening to. You're enjoyable, dude.
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How was Confucius death metal?
You've clearly never read any Confuscius.

As I wait on the edge of the earth,
I can see the walls being torn down again
Only to be rebuilt in another name,
On a different day
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