So now that my pedal count is ever growing me and my dad made myself a pedalboard out of some plywood,wood glue and nails. Ya, we are both a little cheap... Anyway I suggested to use some left over paint we had around to cover the top but he suggested some left over carpet from our back deck so we went ahead with that.

Now my problem is that I bought some industrial strength velcro to attach them, and I was little worried that the bond with the carpet wouldnt be strong enough but he said it should. Well I applied the velcro to the board and the back of my pedals and let them cure overnight with pressure on top of them. Anyway this Afternoon I tried it out but when I tried to move some of them around, the bond between the velcro must have been stronger than between the adhesive and the carpet so it started coming up with the pedal. That's a problem. I could tear up the carpet and paint it but that would be a mighty pain in the arse and I'd have to buy more velcro.

Is there anyway to better secure the velcro or another way to safely attach my pedals?Sorry for the wall of text and thanks for any help.
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buy some decent double sided adhesive tape and use that to stick the velcro to your pedals !! worked for me!
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