I have this ibanez edb405 that I plan on selling but don't know how much to ask. I'm gonna sell it with a roadrunner soft/hard case and an Acoustic B10 amp.

Could you guys please give me an estimate, and if this is the wrong place tell me.

Sorry for the most likely huge images.

Obviously Fassa.
The bass sells for $400 new.

GC has a used one for $327.

The amp sells for $100 new,
but you can get a B20 on sale
at the same $100.

I'm going to say $350 for both
if it's in good condition.

If you want $$ for the case,
add it on.

If it don't sale, you asked too

Thanks tabdog, that sounds like a good price. I plan on tacking the case in because I have little use for it without a bass. Do you think asking $450 on craigslist would be good for some haggle room?
Obviously Fassa.
True that. Doesn't sound too bad to me considering I bought all that from GC for about $340.
Obviously Fassa.
I think $450 is high, but to find the real selling
point that may be what you need to do. It
will need to be re-posted if it doesn't sell at

You just don't know sometimes. I had what I
thought were good deals that got no response.

Then, in contrast, I've had guys jump on a piece
of junk like it was their long lost friend.

In the end, don't get ripped and hope it works