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Real Name: Matthew James Roskowski

Age: 22 years, 9 months, and 10 days

Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Favourite Artists: Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Dirty Projectors, Frog Eyes, Silver Jews, Pavement, Flaming Lips, New Pornographers, Modest Mouse, AC Newman, Clap Your Hands, The National, Built to Spill, Seabear, Amiina, Mum, Hjaltalin, Grouper, Grizzle Bear, St. Vincent, Explosions in the Sky, Sonna, Neutral Milk Hotel, Flotation Toy Warning, French Kicks, Tenniscoats, Local Natives, Dinosaur Jr., Mercury Rev, Simon and Garfunkel, Efterklang, Beach House, Bon Iver, Secret Cities, A Silver Mt. Zion, Frank Sinatra, The Antlers, and a thousand others

Most Inspirational Writer: I'd say JD Salinger and David Berman.

Favourite poet/poem (published writer): Favorite poet is David Berman. Everyone should read his poetry book entitled "Actual Air". It's fu.cking fantastic.

If you could be any writer ever, who would you be: I think I've answered this question the same way everytime I've won this, but myself, I suppose? If I could have written any book though, I would choose The Catcher In the Rye.

If you could be any flavour, which would you be: I still think we could come up with a better question here.

Why Do You Write: Because I like to. I know people say that they "have to", but that's not true. No one really needs to write to stay alive. That's just a bit dramatic I think. I write because I enjoy it and I can. I write because I know that I can express things in ways that other people can't, not necessarily in better ways, but in different ways as my mind is different from theirs. If I didn't think I had something unique to offer people, I wouldn't show my poetry to anyone.

Favourite word(s): Ephemeral, tresses, loquacious.

Favourite Writer(s) on UG: Saadia, Jimi, NGD (Nick? I believe), um...a bunch of other people who know who they are. I just woke up after working an overnight and am too lazy to think.

Most Helpful Critic: I don't remember the last time I got a real critique, so I don't know. I'm not complaining, just saying...I rarely edit stuff anyway so it doesn't really matter.

What Do You Do Especially, to Find Inspiration: Listen to soft music. Read and read and read to get my mind in a narrative-esque mode. If I'm reading a lot, wherever I go after reading I constantly sub-consciously narrate everything that's happening around me in my head, and that always gives me a lot of ideas. Go walk in the forest. Take a shower. Walk backwards for ten minutes. Jumping jacks. Curls. Squats. I can't think of any other weight lifting exercises. No one would believe that I do any of those things anyway.

Your Most Recent Work and the Reason Behind It: My most recent work is "Hiccup Haiku", and that was just based on an ex girlfriend awhileeee back that would kiss me in front of her parents occasionally. BUT, more importantly, I started writing a novella entitled "The Existence of Peas" which you can search on here and find. ^Tentatlively titled, I should mention. Anyway, go read it. I posted a couple different sections.

Tips for Newer Writers: Keep writing. I've said this a thousand times, but lay off the rhyming for awhile. It limits your ideas as you're trying to fit them into the scope of "I need a word that rhymes with back". You instantly limit what you can say. Write some free verse for awhile. (NOTE: this is moreso directed at poets than lyricists.) Write things on the spot without stopping, just let your mind roam free. It might be rough at first, but the creativity will grow.

What’s your goal in writing: Just to express myself. If people can know me just by reading my writing, I think I've done a nice job. I also want people to relate. To stir up feelings that they didn't think they had. To make them look at life, or anything in a different light. Blah blah blah.

Final Comments or Thoughts: Well, since I was the only one nominated, this isn't much of a victory, but thanks. This forum has seemed pretty dead as of late so hopefully it gets some new writers to rejuvenate it a bit. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be around here, but after posting here for 8 years and after saying "I'm not sure how much longer I'll be around here" a thousand times, I'm sure I'll still be sneaking around for awhile. At least until I finish my book so I can keep you guys updated and then you can buy it and give me your money. It'll be 10 dollars or two handjobs, and consecutive handjobs so it'll be much harder and you'll be too tired after to even read the book.

I love your answer to "Why do you write?". And I agree, we need a better question than the flavor one. Lastly, mods, please sticky this.
Nice picture. Didn't know you were from GB. I'm from Madison.

Maybe a meet up is in order.

Can't wait to read the recent work. Maybe on this upcoming airplane ride. Supposedly, its got wifi. [oooo/ahhh]. A big plane with "Alaska" written on the side just took off. It looked so damn nice. God I wish you could've been there.
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you are wonderful.
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"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching

i don't think any of us (mods) actually added the flavor question, unless it was like a year or two ago, it just appeared one day.

y'all can add questions if you want to say something or whatever anyway.

congrats, maaaaan.
Yeah, I don't remember the flavour question at all.

I agree with Allen, if you want your own questions or just want to rant and rave, go ahead. It's your thread so you can do what you want - within reason.
Some of us do, yeah. I was surprised to hear that a couple of lads here like Sage Francis and Immortal Technique. That was a really nice surprise!

Still, I doubt everyone here likes Minsk or Amanda Palmer.
... Who didn't have shit on E&A. But, you should stay on topic. :P

Congrats again.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching