Bundled in with the beautiful ZIP folder below are six unfinished songs that I've written over the past 3 years covering multiple Genres.

Now, this is also a little experiment for me because 2 of the songs below are songs that I am actively working on (especially one). I'm interested in what songs people like/don't like the most and also which two I am still working on. Feel free to rank the songs

After I get a few reviews I'll probably reveal which two I'm still working on, so think of it as a competition if you want (prize for the winner is eternal happiness)

Crit for Crit as usual
(bear in mind I'm using GP 5.0)
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Thanks for the crit on mine.

For Metropolis:

Intro: It's ok, not much to say really. It works.

Pre-verse: The lead with all the bends is a nice touch, but it's alot more engaging than the verse.

Verse: The verse might be a bit long. I'd recommend to shorten it down or layer it. However, I'm assuming there will be vocals here?

Pre-chorus: I didn't really like this, sorry. It just feels kind of messy. The chords just feels... meh, kind of. I guess it could be nice if you had a really melodic chorus, then it would be a nice release from the pre-chorus.

I also do not think that that G should ring in from the previous bar.
It's just as well, that I'm not working on that one anymore then!

cheers anyway
Guitars & Gear:
Parker Nitefly M
Sumer Metal Driver
Ibanez RGD2120Z
Two Notes Torpedo CAB
For Metropolis: Intro is cool, I liked the use of chromaticism to add a little flavor to what was going on. The pre-verse part with the guitar melody is also cool. The song seems very easy to dance to, with a nice beat. As said before, the verses could some more layering, or at least a slight alteration to the double-stop chords being played by the rhythm guitar. I rather liked the potential the pre-chorus has, although it's slightly dissonant for my tastes in its current state. But I do like the suggestion Cheesy had of using it to build tension and transitioning into a melodic chorus.

For Supernova: This one is my favorite, I think it could be great if you developed it further. I would probably resolve the arpeggios on beats 3&4 of measure 8 and its repeats, but still pretty cool.

For Take The Fall: This one is my least favorite, I think it's too repetitive for MIDI playback. Perhaps with real instruments it would be more interesting, but I think there's definitely room for improvement with this one. I think you might be working on this one.

For Blank Planet: This is one that I think you're currently working on. I personally prefer some minor variation at measures 4, 8, & 12 to keep things interesting, I'll attach a file. If you don't like it, no worries. Other than that, I think it is cool and you should continue to develop this.

For Purgator: I think what you did here is pretty good, although the second time the melody repeats, it would be cool to add some harmony to keep it interesting and add some depth to the sound. I tabbed out a harmony line really quick and will attach it at the end.

For Song 70: This one could be cool if you elaborated on some of your ideas here. I think it would be better if the drums didn't drop out completely during several sections. I don't know if it was because you didn't want drums here, or if you just hadn't written a drum beat yet, but I was imagining a cool beat there to keep up the intensity.

I can also hear a definite Muse influence in parts of your songs, which for me is a plus. Keep it up bud and let me know what you think of mine, it's in my signature.
Purgator [V2] Harmonized.gp5
Blank Planet.gp5
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