new to 12 strings,what are some great tips,should i concentrate more on playing chords and appegios?

Great tips? Sure..ya need great (finger) tips! Perhaps do hand/finger strengthening exercises. Forearm reps and curls. Develop numb fingers and extreme callouses
It is my belief that (due to it's size and volume) the 12 is best suited to chord work, with some occasional individual note "solo" work. That chord usage can include hammer-on/offs, and accentuated runs to the next chord.
It's a great accompaniment instrument. Not so much as a "lead" guitar; at least in acoustic trim. Just my humble opinion, tho.
Not to say ya can't or shouldn't aspire to be the next McGuinn; but it will take a lot of practice, talent and perseverance to become that proficent. Don;t give up...it's worth it!
Try sneaking up on it, preferably from behind... so the guitar doesn't see it coming.

Seriously though, you can play anything you want to on it. I do it all the time myself and have a couple of different 12's for that sweet sweet sound when I need it.
Although the 12 is commonly thought of as a rythym instrument, many innovators have tried different approaches. Try listening to Kottke, for instance.
You can play those double-course strings as a tremolo instrument, like a mandolin or bouzouki.
At least one artist tunes all the strings separately, and plays them individually.
thx for the tips guys,im loving my 100 buck 12 string,sounds pretty sweet,i will check out some artists that use them and learn from them