Ok so ive been recording with the nady scm 900 large diaphram condensor mic and im very pleased with it. its great for reccording vocals and acoustic guitar.. its good for micing amps but it gives a distinctly different sound when using a dynamic mic. the condensor gives a realy bassy sound thts good for clean guitar with a full sound.. butttt.. lol the dynamic gives a more crisp sound thts good for crunchy guitar and sometimes clean.. i like them both but i just want to know you guys use? which one do you like more?
I use rarely use my Condensors (NT1-a and NT2-a) to mic up guitar cabs, I much prefer the sounds that my Audix I5 or SM57 capture. Though it is really more about personal preference, I do still use Condensors for Guitar but only when I am recording in stereo.
they each serve a different purpose, therefore, i would use both (poor college student, i can't afford them yet :/)