I've never had the oppertunity to play one, nor hear one...so I'm a bit iffy on buying one. What are the things to look for in buying a good Agile guitar? Things to expect and some other random things (like if I'd have to change pickups out, or if the trem bars are unreliable).

I've had alot of friends and people tell me that I need to buy/try one out, but seeing as how they're best "quality" guitar(s) are only roughly 750$, I'm a bit hesitant to buy one.

So anything you all could say would be great. No Flaming.
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Is it really heavy? I have back problems, so the lighter the better. I fell off the bed of a truck a while back and threw my back for a loop lol...My Epi Les Paul right now seems like a ton...thats the main reason I want a new guitar.
I hate all of you...my opinion is my own...take it or leave it
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I have one and its pretty decent. It's the Floyd Paul thing. Heavy as hell but good.

wait... what?
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I have an AL-2000 (much "lower" model than the one you're looking at) and I love it. They have all the features of a Gibson with the price tag of an Epi... even the AL-2000 is a very impressive guitar. I'd definitely suggest new pickups, though. If not an Agile, take a look at Xaviere from GuitarFetish.com. I also have their XV-400 LP Jr. model, and it blows me away everytime I play it. Unbelieveable Korean quality for the price. You won't be disappointed with either. Xavieres are cool because they come stock with GFS pickups.
the agile thinline tele weighs like 6 pounds even. that should be like 3 pounds less than an epi less paul.
well thats a chambered lp with a maple top. so it most definitely weighs less than all the other lp models. 8 lbs isnt really light, but its not heavy either. Ive heard nothing but good reviews about agile guitars. And if you play blues and light toned rock, a tc-730 would also fit you, because it weighs even less than the al-3125.
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The AL models (the les pauls) are heavy as hell.

I had one. 10.5 pounds.
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i second what somebody above said... even their "low end" guitars are solid quality worth easily twice as much. For the one you're looking at, a pickup swap and you're easily looking at high end epi quality.
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yea if you have back problems then definatley go for the chambered. or maybe a different model that runs lighter? o.0
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All I ever hear is good things about Agile (well, except from the guy who owns the nearest guitar store, but he loves Line 6 Spiders and marshall mg's...and all squires...)
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hey bcrich guy, i just p layed a few dbz guitars at my local store today, and the bolero sounds like it would be perfect for you. the guitar weighs about 2 pounds less than a normal les paul, so its very comfortable.

the pickups are also coil tappable, so you can get some very nice clear tones as well my local shop is selling them for 749 so they are right up your alley too