Hey so im very new to tube amps still, and I need help with getting my effects through my fx loop effectively, ok so this is what I have

Amp: Engl Fireball 60 watt

Pedals: BBE Sonic Maximizer, ISP G-String Decimator, ibanez ts9 dx, tuner(nothing special)

I'm so confused and I need to figure it out before next Saturday so any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
guitar >tuner>distortion

rest in the effects loop.

personal opinion. everyone is going to have a slightly different way they order their pedals because there is a different sound depending on where they go in your chain. i have my tuner>wah>distortion>10 band eq all thru the front of my amp and nothing in the effects loop.

most modulation effects (flanger, phaser, chorus etc...) should be in your effects loop if you have one. no big deal if you put it all in front of the amp though