My girlfriend (who lives in England at the moment, long story) and I (from Canada) have used Skype to see and talk to each other for awhile now. But lately the quailty has been horrible and to the point where I cant even be bothered to use it. My internet connection is great and so is hers so I dont see it being a problem with us here as it use to always work flawlessly. I have heard alot of people have been having this problem since Microsoft bought it ? If anyone has any tips as to how I can improve the video and call quailty of Skype that would be great, but most importantly I'd like to see what people of the pit use for this other than Skype and what programs they think are best or even better than Skype. Thanks for the help, and please dont say its a problem because of the distance cause as I've mentioned it worked perfect before and nothing has changed since then except Skype.

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oovoo? I haven't tried it but I've heard it's good.
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Oovoo is quite good, as is the Google+ video chat, though I don't know if that's available outside the US yet.
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Don't use Tinychat unless you're comfortable with them possibly capturing and using snapshots of yourself without your knowledge or consent for use as images etc.

Oovoo is good. I haven't tried g+ video chat. Incidentally, our situations are reversed. My girlfriend is a canadian, I'm british. Hopefully skype will improve but it's nice to know it's not the fault of my internet connection alone.
I have used MSN to talk to friends in Turkey, Greece, Finland, and England from here in the US and it worked fine for me.
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Yahoo messenger does video.
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I have heard alot of people have been having this problem since Microsoft bought it ?

I haven't had problems with Skype

a private tinychat is a good alternative
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