I am on the verge of purchasing a Mesa Mark V head, but am hesitant. I have played the amp, and am quite fond of it. However, I have made bad amp decisions despite liking the amp upon testing. The problem is that I like the amp at the time, but I grow to find the faults and disliking it after purchase (specifically, a Marshal DSL100 head and matching cab). The DSL works alright, and I'll keep it, but I need something else as well.

What I listen to and play (and what tone I like):
-Metallica (more of a fan of their AJFA and Load era tone)
-Megadeth (more of a fan of their United Abominations and Endgame tone)
-a lot of Protest the Hero (Scurrilous tone)
-Cradle of Filth (Nymphetamine and Darkly, Darkly tone)
-Trivium (Shogun and In Waves tone)
-Dream Theater (Systematic Chaos tone)
-Avenged Sevenfold (Nightmare tone)
-...I would also like the amp to be a little versatile to be able to play anything (like even The Police to Paramore).
-write more metal-proggy stuff and general metal... more like PTH and A7x in my writing, and love Petrucci's lead tone.

My Current Setup:
-Ibanez Prestige s5470
-Gibson LesPaul Standard
-Tokai Les Paul clone
-Marshall DSL100 head
-Marshall 1960 4x12 slant cab w/G12T-75 speakers

Budget? Well, I'm this close to getting a Mark V... so nothing more expensive than that. I'm in Canada, btw.

So, do you guys think the Mesa Mark V is right for me? I mean, I really do like it now, but will it continue to satisfy me long term?
Also, any cab suggestions? I'm really looking into a 2x12 for this head.

Edit: the Mark V's ability to go down to 10w is attractive to me, for bedroom practice. So... thought I should throw that in there.
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>Dream Theater
(Petrucci used this amp on Black Clouds & Silver Linings)
Yes I think this is a good choice for you, and it has great cleans, so I guess it's pretty versatile.
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You could ship to me if you buy it and I'll let you know.

They're great amps.. But then again, you're talking to a Mesa fanboy. I'd buy one given the chance. They are pretty versatile as I've found out when I tested one.. I don't think it would let you down.
my neighbour has a mark V and when we jam we always end up playing different styles of music, from drop tuned metal like you've talked about all the way to the blues jam we had today and he does it all on the mark v and it seems that every time we jam he's tweaked it just a little more to make it sound better. He's always tellin me how blown away he is with the amp so I think you should be more than happy with it if you get it. Also as far as cabs go, my neighbour has it hooked up to a avatar 212 with v30s so maybe look into those or orange or the new PRS line of cabs.
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i haven't played the V yet, but really liked all of the IV's i have played in the past. i certainly can't imagine that it would be any lower than the IV from a tonal quality standpoint, especially knowing that mesa is a highly respectable company.

i am pondering getting a Mark V myself, but then again i really want an orange rockaverb 100, or a Herbert.
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Thanks for the replies!

I can easier get my hands on a Marshall 2x12, but those come with G12T-75s speakers. Now, I want my rhythm tone to be heavy... but warm, like PTH's in Scurrilous. And my lead tone to "sing" as opposed to "scream."

So, is the Marshall 2x12 recommended, or should I wait longer for a Mesa 2x12? There is also an Orange with Greenbacks, but those are quite a bit more expensive.
I need this cab within 3weeks latest, so I can't wait too long for a cab to ship in :/ There are no Avatar cabs in my local stores, so that won't be a possibility.
the Mark V is a good amp, but personally i've always found it just lacking that little something whenever i've played one. If you love Petrucci then dont look anywhere else tho, if that is the exact tone you want and like to play with then Mark V all the way, i would strongly suggest V30 speakers however. i played a Mark V combo with the C90 and it sounded like crap

for all those bands you'd need a Mark V, a JVM, and either a 6505 or a Recto but the Mark V covers most of those tones more than the others. however personally i prefer the JVM, if you want petrucci then Mark V it is tho
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Thanks guys, I think I'm going ahead with the Mark V.

In terms of speakers in a cab, how do Greenbacks compare to V30s? I really want something warm with a tight low end; I hate harsh high end, highs have to be smooth and silky.

I can more easily get the Orange 2x12 with Greenbacks than any other 2x12, simply because of availability.
The next easiest to get is a Marshall, and hose have GT12-75s... or whoever you spell them. To get a Marshall with V30s, they will cost just as much as the Orange with greenbacks.