i was in the area today, and as much as i hated it, i stepped into guitar center cause i needed a new cable. 50 bucks for a 21ft cable......so i ran out of there after being chased by the brain dead employees who know nothing about guitars and went to my normal store. 15 bucks now is there really a difference in sound? because examining both, the 15 dollar looks like it is made better
I have noticed that my Monster cables do sound better than the generic music store cables.

I feel that it is worth it buying more expensive cables. Every time I buy a cheaper cable it goes bad in a couple months. I have had my monster cables for almost two years and they still work great. They also have a lifetime warranty to if it goes bad, they will replace it for free.
My 15 dollar cables are slowly breaking one by one. They worked for a while but there's no way I'm paying $50 for a friggn' cable.
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From an electrical standpoint, there's no difference. If you hear something, its probably mostly your imagination.
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I buy the regular $20 cables and I've never had one break. I've played guitar for almost 4 years and I've seen people will terrible looking, dirty cables. But I take care of mine.
I have a planet waves 10 foot cable that I got for around $10 on amazon. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is durable.
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