So I'm wanting to change my strings for the first time from factory. I have a Washburn D-10Q and am thinking it doesn't sound as good as it did when I first got it. I was thinking about trying out the Earthwoods, but seeing as how I've never changed strings before I'm not sure if they'd be the best choice or not. Has anyone used them? Like the tone, quality and longevity?

If you've used them and would steer me away from them, suggest something else in the same price range as I'm not looking to pay for elixirs for my first string change....my local guitar store charges like 16 bucks for them if I remember right.
Earthwoods are all right. I've not a huge fan of Ernie Ball though, simply cause EVERYONE uses Ernie Ball, but they are tried and true. For my acoustic, I like to use Dean Markley. Especially their special Alchemy strings (the Guitar Center I go to doesn't carry them in-store, so I have to order online if I want them. Something to keep in mind).
Thanks I may check those ones out. I was mainly looking to just pick some strings up from the store in town so I wouldn't have to wait and pay shipping. However so far I've seen mixed reviews about earthwoods/ernie ball strings, mainly in the longevity department so I may have to look elsewhere.
I put a set on about 2 weeks ago. They're really bright- only now are they starting to mellow to the point that they don't annoy me- and they seem more "slinky" than other brands- they move a lot and tend to buzz more than other strings I've used with the same action and setup on the same guitar.

D'Addario is making a believer out of me. And you can buy them at Best Buy... no specialized guitar store needed.
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I love the Earthwood Lites. They are super bright sounding. Especially right off the bat. They mellow out after a while like Vlaco said. The first time I changed strings from factory I changed them to Earthwoods so you shouldn't have a problem.
Ok so I just got back from the shop and I ended up getting a pair of DR Rares. The only Earthwoods they had in stock were the 13s and the guy said that might be a little to heavy for a beginner. I'll probably try them next time though.

Does anyone have any experience with the DR rares? I'm at work right now so I can't put them on yet but am anxious to get home!
For your next set I highly recommend DR Sunbeams, medium gauge (.13). They're round core, which makes them feel almost like .12s but with a beefier tone.
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dr rares are strings i use on guitars that are too bassy or too dull. they add some brilliance, almost like a special effect. they're good strings imo. on the other hand, i mostly just use good ol' d'addario pb's on my guitars. my husband, btw, swears by black diamonds.
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