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My sincerest apologies you f&@$ing knob head.
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that was nice nose picking very advanced style
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try having the guy strumming the chords sing while he plays. I mean your video's fine and all, but if you were gonna perform this live or something, you'd probably get some sleepers in the crowd. It's just not that exciting of a song instrumentally.

but i guess you were looking for technique advice... I'd have to agree with that other guy that you could probably free up your playing a bit if you wouldn't rest your fingers of your picking hand on the body of the guitar.
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Haha yes that was faked for a bit of a laugh. Didn't realize he'd done it till it was up. Righto thanks buddy I'll give it a go. Yeah trying to learn to sing note by note but my range is at the very low end of a regular keyboard. I agree it is a boring one to listen to without vocals but living 1000km from a city makes finding singers tricky. Suggestions for more songs that you think would suit us would be great too?
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