I'm thinking about purchasing this guitar because it intrigues me so much. To fix the wiring is a challenge I just can't pass up.
The headstock is bare and with just a quick glance I didn't see any other visible markings... except for the "Bigsby" on the the Bigsby.
Anyways, I was hoping somone could identify it or come close.

looks like a custom shop piece

it's a beautiful guitar, I'd grab that thing in a heartbeat
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I just stumbled on that website before I saw your post. Thank you, sir.
Those look like DeArmond pickups in that beast, what's the price for the guitar? If they're authentic DeArmond they're worth a good amount individually. And this looks like your 60's Japanese import kinda guitar, probably a Silvertone/Teisco/Kay or one of the offshoots from the main line.
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