So I've got a choice of either USA made Peavey Bandit 112 (red stripe, block logo, delta on grill) or a Fender Mustang 1. The Mustang supports headphones out of the box and since it's a programmable modeller is obscenely versatile but I don't know if it can do plain cleans, while the Bandit has good cleans and dirties up nice and is apparently just a plain good amp overall... but apparently the "external speaker" doesn't mute the main one so just plugging in headphones isn't going to work.

Is there a feasible way to run just headphones off the bandit, or should I really stick with with the mustang for bedroom use? I've heard the bandits really don't like low volume and that when it's not built for it removing the load the speaker provides can cause... Problems. There seems to be a lot of respect for the Mustang for what it is and I can get one for only $75, so if it's a spendy solution to make a bandit work with headphones (I've got sennheisers with a 1/4" plug and adapter) i'll just go with the mustang.

Aside from those questions, just in case I'm overlooking anything here or the Peaveys are really that much better than the Mustang I figured I'd ask for advice about my options and what I've narrowed it down to here.

Budget? I'm getting $50 and can reasonable contribute myself without cutting into my real-guitar budget (I've got a low end electric right now) to get that up to the price of these guys basically. So yeah $80 top end shoestring budget

Genres? "Golden Oldies". If you're in the Orlando area anything you'd hear on 105.9FM, think 70s-90s stuff like house of the rising sun, sweet home alabama, some queen/doors, and the rock is on the lighter side. I think the hardest I'd get anytime in the near future (before I'd easily be getting something to plug in if need be, or a new amp entirely) is probably like the end of We Will Rock You, or Canon Rock... which won't be an issue with the Peaveys from what I've read here.

New or Used? Used absolutely, and if it helps I'm comfortable with electronics in case there's some crazy DIY tube kit or something.

Home or Gig? Apartment bedroom, preferrably with headphones or (for an amp) very low volume.

Closest City? Winterpark/Orlando area

Current Gear? onearbor AS300 to practice with, saving for a "real" guitar.
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i really think the mustang will benefit you so much more than anything else. if you have a computer you can plug it into you can use fenders free software FUSE. basically what that does is it takes the limited number of onboard effects the mustang has and gives u ever single thing that fender has to offer for its modeling amps and software, for FREE. that and they actually have a pretty good sound quality compared to any other modeler
I think that's the way I'm going to have to go since the more I dig up on the bandits the more I find they don't get along with low volume and cleaner tones well. If the Mustangs are really that programmable then I can get around their not having a straight clean by just programming one myself, low volume quality or good headphone support are basically the dealbreakers here since I am getting just a bedroom practice amp.

On the bright side, while that Mustang 1's been sold already there's several Mustang 2 and 3's for more or less the same price. Probably not going to use the extra wattage (at least unless I learn the national anthem before next july) but they still have headphone support.
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the mustang really is a good amp and has a great tone for a modeler. i plan on buying either a g-dec 3 next year when i go to college. but fender did everything right when it came to their modeling amps