A Technical Death Metal band hailing from Dhaka,Bangladesh.
Chromatic Massacre is the brute force that renegades the simulated conventional and ceremonious concepts and ideologies. The denial of the projected falsification of the ultimate verity forms the philosophical ideology of Chromatic Massacre. Containing fast paced apocalyptic guitar works, devastatingly accelerated blast beats, extremely volatile and colossal bass lines and abyssal growls, Chromatic Massacre is the vigorous statement against the secular conceptualizations.


Baezid Farabi Khan- Guitars,Vocals

*Past Members:

Partho "Mephistophelis" Saha- Drums
Miftah "Heimdall" Rahman - Bass
Loki Nihiluminatus - Guitars
Akeeb Mohammad Islam - Guitars
Ashik Tonmoy - Bass
Sam Jahan - Bass
Maruf Ul Haque - Bass


Split EP- Genocide '71


Inner Holocaust


Riot of Blood- (Album- Republic)
Disciple(Slayer cover)- (Album- Tribute from Bangladesh)
Internal Vomitory- (Album- Metal Domination)
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