I hope I'm in the right forum for this :P

I'm looking for a VERY generic vst plugin that houses several different MIDI synth instruments for the purpose of songwriting, and arranging covers. For example those on par in quality with sounds similar to guitar pro 4 and below, or synths from one's soundcard. I need just very simple generic sounds for the purposes of songwriting and arranging song covers. In fact I love the sounds from the old guitar pro simply because they were simple in nature, and I'm looking for a VST plugin that offers these same sounds all in one single plugin

For example it would altogether include things such as a basic drum kit, bass guitar emu, bells and saw synths, guitars, etc, however they need to be housed into a single plugin format (none of this scraping around for 5 different plugins just to get varying instruments...) but I also don't need a million ****ing presets with the most obscure preset names and trying to guess wth they're about...

It doesn't need a very deep tweakable interface, I'm not looking to get NEW sounds, but conventional ones that are available front and center right on the spot and offer up vague simulation of a real instrument. similar to fruityLSD. If anything it'd be even better if the only discernible graphical interface available would be a small list of simulated instruments you select inside the plugin.

This plug will be used in reaper, whereas I would just use FL Studio but its workflow no longer really appeals to me. I understand I can use FL as a plugin but I'd prefer not doing so at this moment. Suggestions welcome

I Have googled this extensively, but every single result consists of only synthesizers that focus only on emulating famous boards or instrument samples (not lean enough). Or a bunch of synthesizers that have a million useless knobs for tweaking which is incredibly unnecessary for my intentions. I would be happy with a plugin that allows me to select a simulated drum kit, bass guitar, percussive lead, etc and nothing more! all I have to do is copy/paste the plugin in reaper onto multiple tracks and from there simply focus on what matters! piecing together an arrangement!
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